Veterans Bead D
  • Veterans Bead D

    States Military before....Thank you.
    Your Veterans Bead Size “A” is triangular shaped
    to represent the military flag which pays tribute to American Patriot Soldiers under George Washington and the shape of their hats. It takes thirteen folds to make the triangle and when complete, thirteen stars are evident, symbolizing the thirteen original colonies.

    Your sterling bead caps:
    • Infinity symbol – there is a part of every veteran that
    remains a soldier forever
    • Ribbon – support our troops
    • Five Stars – the five branches of the US Military –
    • Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard
    • Flag – Flag of the United States of America
    • Chevron- worn on the sleeve of military to signify rank
    • Heart on Wings – symbol for our fallen soldiers that they be taken to the Hereafter on the wings of an Angel
    Beads are sold individually.