The Jurassic Bead (Dino Bone) "B"

The Beads of Ancient America: The Jurassic Bead is crafted from authentic, agatized and fossilized dinosaur bone, known as "Gem Bone". Millions of years ago these massve creatures roamed America. If these giants perished quickly and were buried in sediment, permineralization occurred. This is when water and minerals seeped into and replaced the original structure of the bone and then fossilized, preserving the cell structure which is visible on your bead. You will be wearing an actual piece of Prehistoric America! These are the beads you will receive!
  • Details

    The Size B Beads have a hand-stamped bead cap. All have a solid sterling core of 4.37 mm
    These are the actual Beads you will be receiving.

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