Starry Night ~ Heavenly Souls Cask
  • Starry Night ~ Heavenly Souls Cask

    The Starry Night ~ Heavenly Souls Bead is dedicated to those who have lost someone close to their hearts. When we look to the night sky, we like to think they are watching over us; continuing to love and guide us.
    This bead is for the ones who talk to the stars; who remember how life was, ponder how it is, and dream of what can be.
    • Details

      This bead is crafted from the rare Starry Night Picture Jasper from Southeast Oregon, on the border with Idaho and Nevada. It was given this name due to its resemblance to the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh.
      Starry Night Jasper has been called a Seeker-Transformer stone, helping us to make positive changes and is said to help with grief.