Snowbird - Agatized Coral Cask
  • Snowbird - Agatized Coral Cask

    The American Bead Collection starts out the New Year with the release of "The Snowbird Bead" ~ Beads of Florida: Agatized Coral. A snowbird is someone from the US and Canada who travels south to the Sunbelt Region to enjoy the warmth during the winter season.
    Agatized Coral is Florida's State Stone. It's the outside skeleton of small ocean animals. It forms when silica in the salt water hardens the coral to Chalcedony, a form of quartz. This process of replacing one mineral with another without changing shape is called pseudomorph and it occurs over 20-30 million years.
    Beads are sold individually.
    • Details

      This bead measures approximately 15 mm x 18.5 mm and has a solid sterling core.