Frontline Workers Size M18
  • Frontline Workers Size M18

    We are proud to release the next in the Beads of the American People Line: The Frontline Workers Bead! They are defined as employees and volunteers who must  show up to essential industries, regardless of potential risk. These brave Americans put themselves on the frontlines so that we have safety, health and maintain the pulse of our daily lives.

    Special recognition goes out to our First Responders: Police, Fire, EMT, Nurses & Doctors who provide critical services every day!

    The list of Frontline Workers is lengthy but we felt the need to highlight a few: all healthcare workers, First Responders, Pharmacists, Food & Agriculture, Custodial services, Communication Workers. Manufacturing, Waste & Hazardous Materials workers, Waterworks, Infrastructure, Community-based Government, Public Works, Energy Works, Defense, Financial Services.