Beads of the Seas-Orange Spiny Oyster
  • Beads of the Seas-Orange Spiny Oyster

    LEFT TO RIGHT: #1 Group;#2 Size A;#3 M16; #4 Cask; #5 Size B
    Orange Spiny Oyster is a member of the Spondylus family that has inhabited the coastal waters dating back to the Mesozoic Era. It's home waters range from North Carolina to Brazil and California to Baja Mexico.

    Used in jewelry making for centuries by Native Americans, the Incas believed that Orange Spiny Oyster encourages communication, energy, fertility and creativity.
    This is the second in the Beads of the Seas Collection.
    • Details

      The Size B Bead measures approximately 17mm outside diameter, has a solid sterling core with an inside diameter of 4.37mm and is adorned with a hand-stamped sterling or brass bead cap.
      The beads is the photograph are an excellent representation of the beads you will receive.