AzurMalachite Cask Bead
  • AzurMalachite Cask Bead

     The American Bead Collection is releasing AzurMalachite from Arizona and Utah to the Collection as the January Bead. This stone was designated by the team to be
    the 2014 Secret Santa Bead.
    This magnificent stone is a combination of Azurite and Malachite which are both copper carbonate minerals that are frequently found together. They come from a number of
    mines in Arizona and Utah.
    Azurite (the blue) is said to enhance intuition and inspire creativity; Malachite (green) is said to heal emotions.
    • Details

      The Cask bead meaures approximately 22mm and has a solid sterling core with an inside diameter of 4.37mm.
      The beads in the photograph are an excellent representation of the beads you will receive.