Amethyst Sage Agate Slabs
  • Amethyst Sage Agate Slabs

    These slabs are made from Nevada's Amethyst Sage Agate and are polished by us to enhance the beauty of the stone. The black markings are dendrites, fossilized plant matter. Amethyst Sage Agate is said to help us overcome guilt, blame, envy & shame. The stand is included in your purchase and these slabs will add beauty to any decor. You can choose your slab in the drop down box below. Slab #1 measures 3.75"h x 4" w; Slab #2 measures 3.25"h x 4.25"w; Slab #3 measures 4.5" w x 3.5"h; Salb #4 measures 4.5" w x 3.75"h