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Our Size "B" Beads have hand-embellished stamps. Each symbol has special meaning - learn about them here.



  • STANDARD BEAD CAPS:   If you've read our "About" page, you know that The American Bead Collection began with Pamela's diagnosis of Breast cancer. Bill designed the sterling bead cap as a tribute to her "Battle." The Single Heart symbolizes her battle, Flower means that Pamela is no wilted daisy, the Sun means that Pamela is the bright spot in Bill's life, and  according to Bill - Two Hearts mean that "When two hearts race, they both win." 


  • Volunteers Bead: The Healing/Helping Hand, The Feather for honorable service, The Sun symbolizes strength of spirit and The Heart on Wings symbolizes the supportive heart of the Volunteer.


  • Veterans B & D -  The Infinity Sign acknowledges that there is a part of every veteran that remains a soldier forever; the Ribbon to support our troops; The American Flag; Chevron symbolizes rank; Five stars - one for every branch of the military; Heart on Wings is for our fallen soldiers, that they be taken to the Hereafter on the wings of an angel.


  • Starry Night ~ Heavenly Souls: The Stars and Moon represent the night Sky; The Single Heart symbolizes your lost loved one.


  • Survivor's Bead: This bead is dedicated to those among us who are Survivors, whether your battle was cancer, depression, loss of a loved one, PTSD, abuse, divorce or a devastating event. We created this bead in honor of the grit, that determination to triumph which is the mark of the survivor. The Single Heart symbolizes the battle, The Shooting Star is for the hopes and prayers sent to the stars, The Double Hearts symbolize the love and support we get along our journey, and The Fern is the symbol for health and wellness; it also stands for someone who has overcome much adversity. 


  • Pennsylvania's Oolitic Chert: Because this stone was used by Native Americans to make arrowheads we gave this beadcap Native American symbols. The Bear Paw is an omen of good luck, Broken Arrow means peace, The Feather is the mark of honor, and Mountain Range has two meanings: abundance and it symbolizes the Allegheny Mtns. where this stone
    comes from.


  • NH Palermo Ice -  this beautiful Ice Quartz bead comes from the Palermo Mine in North Groton, NH. The bead caps on the Size B beads symbolizes: Hearts with Keys - you hold the key to my heart; Hearts with Moon - I love you to the Moon
    and back!

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